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The employment arena is getting more challenging by the day and your CV is therefore becoming more important than ever before. Each CV is done exactly to the latest specifications, including electronic search parameters. The process involves brainstorming during a meeting to get all the marketable aspects across in a word economical way and the all important cover letter is addressed.

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A few years ago I was at a point in my career where I wanted to move to a different industry and also wanted to go global in my career. I approached Estelle for advice on changing my CV into a global focus and also asked advice on where the emphasis should lie between the academic and practical experience. She did an excellent job of assisting me which led to a new position and a big career shift shortly after. Today I still use the CV when required for my exposure on international forums.

Dr Adri Drotski
MBA Director, Henley Business School

Estelle is the consummate professional. Studious, dedicated to her clients and passionate about giving you her best.
In my experience, her enthusiasm for your personal success is so infectious you can’t help but leave every interaction believing in yourself. She masterfully elevated my writing, working with me to ensure I put forward the best version of myself, while still remaining true and authentic. I landed a post-graduate place at Columbia university and I’m very glad to have met and worked with Estelle.

Kopano Gumbi
Business Development Manager, Gumbi Dechambenoit & Associates

Estelle Roelofse's dedication and attention to detail helped me craft a cover letter and résumé that was concise, attention grabbing and versatile for different kinds of job applications. She spent a lot of time with me - after hours on Skype, since I live in New York City - to establish my goals and objectives and also consulted with professionals in the USA to ensure that the style and layout was consistent with the local models.

Thanks to her patience and persistence to get everything perfect, I now have my first teaching job and I feel confident about sending out my application to several companies. I highly recommend using her services!

Olga Rademan - Collaborative Concert Pianist, New York city

Estelle Roelofse is a detail-oriented person who handles her clients' interests with great dedication and responsibility. She has a gift for analysing and highlighting the most important points and knows the market so well, enabling her to guide with caring honesty.

She walks the extra mile with her clients and keeps abreast of developments in the recruitment field at all times, empowering her client with that knowledge. This, coupled with the ability to capture the essence of a person's skills (mine included specialist international experience) makes her an exceptional partner on the journey to a new position.

Ella du Toit
HEAD OF OFFICE, TPG ACADEMY: Work Readiness Programme

Thank you for your dedication and patience in pulling my CV together and understanding what makes me tick. You highlighted my strengths and the key areas of success in my career history, bringing it all together in a nutshell of 2 pages! I could choose between 2 senior level jobs in the end!

Philippa Edgar


Estelle transformed my CV with the most up-to-date formatting and truly captured my personality and strengths as well. She produced a CV that is concise and unique. In addition, she advised me on the interview process, what I should wear and how I should introduce myself. This really helped to calm my nerves and gave me the extra bit of confidence that I needed to make a great first impression.

She even sent my CV to a few professionals looking to hire and within a week I already received my first phone call for an interview. Estelle really amazed me by how professional, caring and very efficient she is and I would recommend her to anyone. I have my first Physiotherapy position now and I am really enjoying my job.


Thanks very much for the CV. Thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement, it feels like I have had a few life coaching sessions. The entire exercise was a very good assessment of what I have achieved already and what I should do to reach my goals!


Wow, this looks impressive, even if I have to say so myself! I did not know my CV could be so marketable. Thanks very much for the valuable tips, I will really work something out and keep you informed.


I can't express how good the CV looks, it is really easy to read. Thank you for putting in the effort for me. I am sure that the CV will afford me many opportunities for employment.


The webman